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Karte: Educational institutions by educational level, 2012/13 [Cantons]

(Statistischer Atlas der Schweiz)

About this map:

The map shows the distribution of schools by educational levels.
A school is a place of public or private training that accommodates at least one person in education.
Compulsory education: pre-primary/first learning cycle, primary level and lower secondary level. The share of special needs schools is less than 4%, it is not represented on the map.
Upper secondary level: vocational education and training (VET), general education, transitional and complementary education
Tertiary level: professional education and higher education institutions. Higher education institutions are not represented on the map because they are only defined at the administrative level.


Number of schools

Special needs schools and higher education institutions are not represented.

The Swiss total differs from the total by educational level due to the double counting of schools offering a teaching programme over several educational levels.
Distribution of schools by educational level
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